1st Canadian Jamboree - CJ'49
Main Badges
Camp Crest
Contingents - Other Countries
Delegacion Cubana
49 Felt Souvenir CrestAvailable for sale during Jamboree
Blanket Badge
Staff Arm Band
Group Contingents
Cabot Troop - Winning PatrolFirst seen on Ebay Mar2018
Nova Scotia Wooden Pin
Printed Material
2nd Hamilton Card
Aerial Photo
Alberta Contingent ChecklistUpdated Jun 10, 2024
Car Decal
ChecklistUpdated Jun 13, 2022
Daily News Book
Daily News
EnvelopeUpdated Jun 13, 2022
Junior Leader MagazineUpdated Jun 10, 2024
LetterheadUpdated Jun 13, 2022
My Notes on the Canadian Jamboree
New Brunswick Contingent Photo
Ontario Contingent 1
Ontario Contingent 2
Ontario Contingent 3
Paper Banner
Program Book
Promotional PosterUpdated Oct 25, 2021
Scouting Magazine ArticleUpdated Aug 7, 2021
Scouts Own Program
Site Map
The Scout Leader Magazine - June 1949Updated Oct 25, 2021
Your Information Manual15 pages
Jamboree Ottawa Penant
Nova Scotia Contingent Wooden Plack
Penant - Staff NamesUpdated Aug 16, 2020
No Picture AvailableScarf
No Picture AvailableWindsor district Scarf
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