Canadian Jamboree Badge Reference Page

The purpose of this site is to list all Canadian Jamboree related memorabilia including badges, pin, printed material and any other CJ related items. Please help to make this reference better by letting me know of any additional items that should be listed, by sending me pictures for any items that do not yet have a picture, or by letting me know if there is any listing that you know 100% for sure should be removed.

Canadian Jamboree Collectables

cjbadges.txt is a Downloadable list of all CJ items currently listed on this Website in .txt format.

Thanks to the following for providing pictures and information for this site: Aaron Behiel, Alf Silke, Bronwen Lewis, Captain Dave, Chris Hynes, Chris Wootton, Chuck Turner, Connor Suvanto, Dave Rodgers, Denny May, Eric Peppiatt, Frank D. Smith, Garry Lamb, Gordon Ennis, Greg Fox, Jack Welsh, James Lehman, Jim Goldrup, Joe Vautour, John Zabarylo, Joshua Sharpe, Julie Lansley, Justin Chenier, Kourtney Parent, Malcolm Haines, Martin Burtt, Matthew George, Mitchell Darden, Peter K. Waycik, Phil Hayes, Richard Larsen, Robert Bowers, Ron Lohr, Ron Schmiedge, Sean Howard, Sean Moffitt, Spencer Julien, Steve Kavanagh, Tom Guineau, Tom Evanoff, Facebook and Ebay. (There have been so many contributors that have made this site possible. If I've missed anyone, please remind me.)



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