8th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'93
Main Badges
Camp Crest Version 1
Camp Crest Version 2
StaffAdded Picture Feb 22, 2014
CJ’93 Staff Strip
Provincial Contingents
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick – jacket badge
New Brunswick - Hat badge
Contingents - Other Countries
Australia – Kangaroo Badge
Australia, Ireland and Canada
BSA - Golden Empire Council - Backpatch
BSA - Golden Empire Council - CSP
BSA - Troop 666, Washington, DC
Fort Carleton – embroidered
Fort Carleton - Silk screened
Fort Carleton - Staff
Fort Cumberland & Beausejour Award
Port Royal
Prince of Wales
Rocky Mountain House
Beaver/Cub Adventure
Brotherhood Fund
Calgary CO-OP
Calgary Off-site Program
Camp Scar – Canmore Hub
Canadian Badgers Club – Purple Border
Canadian Badgers Club - Yellow Border
Canmore Hub Biathalon
Canmore Hub
Ducks Unlimited
Friendship Challenge – 1 piece
Friendship Challenge - 13 piece
Friendship Challenge - 1 Piece ErrorMissing CJ'93 from Center
Friendship Challenge - Staff
Hat Badge
I Helped MC
Iron Man Triathlon
Kananaskis Collector Badge
MUSH Medical Services
National Scout Jamborees
Opening Ceremonies Staff
Our Environment – English
Our Environment - French
Past Jamborees (large back patch)
Q M Staff
Radishes GooseberryUpdated Feb 21, 2019 (Made years after the Jamboree)
Radishes Gooseberry Smooth BoarderUpdated Feb 21, 2019 (Made years after the Jamboree)
River Rats
Special Events Staff
Staff Banner -Black
Staff Banner -Blue
Staff Banner -Green
No Picture AvailableStaff Banner -red
Staff Banner -Tan
Staff Banner -Turquoise
Staff Banner -Yellow
Venturer Service Program
Video Team
No Picture AvailableRovers Canada CJ-93 Jamb
Hiking BootsNot sure if this is Official
Blue Water Region
Brownsea Beaveree
Central Escarpment – PreJamb
Central Escarpment – PreJamb - Error
Central Region
Dartmouth East
Halifax Region
Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Bear Claw Camporee
Milton DistrictAdded Listing July 1, 2017
Northern Region (Alberta)
Oakville & Malton Thunderbird Districts Cuboree
Sherbrook – 2 Piece badge
South Waterloo
District/Region Contingents
Big Creek
Bruce North
No Picture AvailableBruce North - BackPatch
Central Escarpment Region
Chatham National Jamborees
Cree – Green Border
Cree - Red Border
Cree - Blue on yellow
Cree - Blue on brown
Great Lakes Region
Greater Victoria
Green Valleys Region
Interior Region BC
Kempenfelt Bay
Kent District
Kings District
Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows
Mississauga – Diamond
Mississauga - Round
National Capital Region
Niagara District
Niagara Region
North Waterloo
Northern Alberta Region
Northern Alberta Region - Back patch
Ontario - Alberta
Paisley Scouts
Prairie Gold Sask
Red Deer
Rideau Lake
Saugeen District East
South Frontenac
South Peace
St Lawrence Region
Thames Valley
Tri-County Operation EvergreenUpdated Mar 10, 2018
No Picture AvailableVancouver
Group Contingents
1st Baddeck
1st Brudereim – blue border
1st Brudereim - Yellow border
1st Chalk River
1st Kamloops
1st Paris Ontario
1st Shilo Manitoba
1st Uniacke
1st Virden
2nd Brampton
No Picture Available2nd Maskepetoon Red Deer Ventures
2nd St Albert
2nd Woodslee, AB
3rd Bush Creek – CSP
3rd Bush Creek - Diamond
6th Woodstock
8th, 9th and 21st Surdel
13th Bramlea
16th Peguis Scouts – Cloth
16th Peguis Scouts - Strip
No Picture Available21st Nepan NCR – Green on Gray
No Picture Available21st Nepan NCR - Green on Yellow
21st Nepan NCR - Green on Blue
21st Nepan NCR - Green on Red
No Picture Available29th Lethbridge
84th Prairie View
87th Regina
93-23 Sunnybrook
113th Ormsby – Red circle
113th Ormsby - Yellow Circle
113th Ormsby - Oval shape
115th Amarok
149th Dover Calgary
186th Knottwood Scouts
187th Aldergrove
191st Edmonton
207th St Patricks Calgary
416th Toronto
No Picture AvailableCape Breton
Fort Barrier - Black
Fort Barrier - Red
Greely Contingent
Logan Lake
No Picture AvailableOntario (unofficial Troop)
No Picture AvailableTrueman Contingent
Trueman Contingent – Roberts Lake
CJ’93 w/wording
CJ’93 w/o wording
CJ’93 w/o wording (small)
CJ Shield
1st Cochrane Pin
1st Ontario Button Lucknow
1st Ontario Button Lucknow - Red
1st Paris Ontario
8 Jamborees
Alberta - Green Border
Alberta – White Border
Algonquin Sub-Camp Challenge
Badgers Club
Barts Bandits Committee Pin
Be There Button
Blue Water Region Precamp Pin
Brampton District
Brant District
Canmore Hub
Cardinal Coach Lines
Central Escarpment Region
Courtenay District
No Picture AvailableFinancial Services
First Nations
Gander District
I Was There Button
I Worked for CJ'93 Pin
Kempenfelt Bay District
No Picture AvailableKetepec Scouts NB
No Picture AvailableLake Muskoka District - Green
Lake Muskoka District - Blue
Lake Muskoka District – red
Laval District
National Capital Region
Newfoundland Contingent
PR Staff
Quebec Contingent
Saint John NS Pin
Swan River
No Picture AvailableThames Valley District
No Picture AvailableUnionville
Venturer Service Program
Printed Material
No Picture AvailableBe Prepared Certificate
No Picture AvailableBlock of pad paper
Book Mark
No Picture AvailableCalgary Bus pass July 13
No Picture AvailableCanJam offsite program newsletter Issues 1-9
CareCorps CardAdded Listing Apr 12, 2016
No Picture AvailableChallenge activity opinion Questionnaire
No Picture AvailableEnvelope First day cover
No Picture AvailableFriendship Game Book and Instructions
No Picture AvailableFriendship game notes
Holy Eucharist Anglican Church of Canada PamphletUpdated Mar 17, 2018
No Picture AvailableI Press VSP newsletter 1 issue
Jamboree Program BookletAdded Listing Apr 12, 2016
Lakeridgee Region PreJam Training PackageAdded Listing Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 10Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 12Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 13 - 1Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 13 - 2Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 15Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 16Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 17Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Newspapers July 18Added Picture Apr 12, 2016
Participant Manual
Post Card Set 9301Updated May 28, 2018
Post Card Set 9301 Cover and BookmarkUpdated May 28, 2018
Post Card Set 9302Updated May 28, 2018
Post Card Set SP001Updated May 28, 2018
No Picture AvailableProgram Staff Manual
No Picture AvailableRecycling update
No Picture AvailableRiver Rats Decal
No Picture AvailableScouts Canada registration card with CJ’93 on
No Picture AvailableStaff Directory (Alphabetical)
No Picture AvailableStaff Directory (Organizational)
Sticker Sheet FullAdded Picture Apr 12, 2016
No Picture AvailableSub-Camp Staff Manual
No Picture AvailableTraining Camp Windsor District notes and registration
No Picture AvailableUrban Exploration Admission July 13-14
No Picture AvailableUrban Exploration McDonald’s coupon July 13-14
No Picture AvailableWelcome to Pamphlet
CJ’93 Coin
CJ'93 Magnet
4th Lake Magog ScarfUpdated Feb 21, 2019
Badger Bill Wooden Coin - Side 1
Badger Bill Wooden Coin - Side 2
Calgary Stampede Bandana
Calgary Stampede Coin
Calgary Stampede Bolo Tie
Camp Chiefs Banner
Coke Can
Cree - Yellow Necker
Fort BarrierUpdated Mar 17, 2018
I was there shirtUpdated Mar 10, 2018
Jack KnifeAdded Picture Mar 20, 2016
Key Chain - Purple Boarder
Key Chain - White BoarderUpdated Mar 17, 2018
No Picture AvailableLicence Plate
Order of the White Pine
Participant Scarf
Plastic MugAdded Listing Mar 20, 2016
Registration Services Necker
No Picture AvailableSpecial Events Plastic Mug
Staff Scarf
No Picture AvailableSwiss Army Knife
Walking Stick Metal
Woggle - Cloth - Purple Boarder
Woggle - Cloth - White BoarderAdded Listing Apr 12, 2016
Wooden Coaster Set of 4Added Listing Mar 20, 2016
Wooden PuzzleAdded Listing Mar 13, 2016
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