9th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'97
Main Badges
Camp Crest Version 1
Camp Crest Version 2
Promo Version (Slightly Larger Than Version 1)
Provincial Contingents
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
NWT - Blue Border
NWT - Green Border
NWT - Red Border
NWT - Silver Border
NWT - Yellow Border
Contingents - Other Countries
BSA Contingent
BSA - Chelmsford & District
BSA - Indianhead Council
BSA - Old Baldy Council
BSA Troop 666
BSA Troop 64
No Picture AvailableBSA Troop Carversville, PA
Dutch Contingent
Estonian Scouts
Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad - Brampton Section
UK 2nd Erith
Assiniboine (Manitoba)
Fraser (BC – Yukon)
MacKenzie (Alberta)
Mira (Nova Scotia)
Niagara (Ontario)
Niagara Staff
Saskatchewan Subcamp Staff
90 Years
90 Years - Round
Bear on Water
No Picture AvailableBlue Promo
BLVD Lake North
Canadian Badgers Club
Canadian Fellowship of B.P. Guilds
Environment Canada – English
Environment Canada – French
Flintstone Putter
Hazelwood Lake Challenge Award
I Survived The Bull
Jammin’ in Thunder Bay
Medical Contingent
MudMania Staff
MUSH Medical Services
Offsite Tours
No Picture AvailablePast Jamboree Recreations
Pioneer Challenge
Q M Staff
River Lake Youth Program Area Staff
Site North
No Picture AvailableSplash N’ Crash
Venturer Service Program
Very Special People
Green Smile
Lime SmileUpdated May 28, 2018
Pink Smile
Yellow SmileUpdated May 28, 2018
Smile SetUpdated May 28, 2018
Blue Water Contingent Pre-J
Can Am Camp Participant
Central Escarpment Mississauga Precamp
Chatham District Precamp
Lakeridge Region Pre-Camp
Northern Region Precamp
Owasco Camporee
District/Region Contingents
Big Creek
No Picture AvailableBlue Water Region
Brant District
Central Alberta Region
Central Surrey
Central Escarpment Region
Cree – Red Border
Cree – Green Border
Edmonton Region
Great Lakes Region
Greater Victoria – Round
Greater Victoria – Dome
Hamilton Wentworth
Islands Region
Kempenfelt Bay
Kootenays Boundary Region – 4 pieces
Land-O-Lakes Region
Many Lakes
Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows
Medicine Hat
National Capital Region
New WestMinister - Royal City
Niagara District
Niagara RegionUpdated Mar 10, 2018
Northern Alberta Region
Northern BC
North Waterloo
Northwestern Ontario
Powell River Contingent
St. Lawrence
Saugeen District East
Scouts du Canada
Scouts du Canada – Participant
Seymour BC
South Lake Simcoe
South Waterloo
Southern Alberta Region ‘Unofficial’
Sydenham District
Tete Jaune Trail
Thames Valley
Whitby District
Windsor (3 in.)
Windsor Hat Badge
Yellowhead District
Group Contingents
1st Baddeck-Cape Breton Nova Scotia
1st Chalk River
1st Golden
1st Kemptville
1st Paris
1st Ripley
1st Valleyview
1st West Langley Scout Troop
2nd Almonte, 1st Pakenham
2nd and 9th Brampton
2nd Camrose
3rd Bush Creek Kamloops
3rd Central Surrey BC
3rd Petawawa
5th Aurora Venturer Challenge
5th Coquitlam BC
6th Brampton
6th Roberts Creek
6th West Whalley
8th Don Mills
13th Bramalea
31st Calgary
38th Kitchener
56th Pacific Heights
64th Lakers - Black
64th Lakers - Blue (Dark)
64th Lakers - Blue (Medium)
64th Lakers - Blue (Light)
64th Lakers - Blue (Very Light)
64th Lakers - Brown (Dark)
64th Lakers - Brown (Medium)
64th Lakers - Brown (Light)
64th Lakers - Green
64th Lakers - Red
64th Lakers - White
64th Lakers - Yellow
84th Prairie View Region
93rd – 23rd Toronto
149th Dover
149th Dover Spitfire
172nd Queensland
416th Toronto
Camp Crest w/o Wording
Camp Crest with Wording
1st Cochrane Pin
1st Ketepec Scouts Pin
1st Munster PinAdded Picture Mar 20, 2016
1st Paris Pin
172nd Queensland Pin
Be There Button
Blue Water Region Precamp Pin
Brampton Pin
Canadian Badgers Club
Cavagnal – Bronze
Cavagnal – Gold
Central Escarpment Pin
No Picture AvailableChocrane Pin
Cricket and Ray Button
Hamming It Up Button
I Woke The Giant Button
Jammin' Pin
Lake Muskoka - Wooden Pin
Laval Pin
London Pin
Mississauga Pin
National Capital Region Pin
Nahanni Subcamp Pin
No Picture AvailableNew Brunswick Pin
Newfoundland Pin
No Picture AvailableNiagara award
Niagara District Pin
Nova Scotia Contingent Pin
NWT Contingent Pin
O’Leary, PEI, Gander, Nfld
Past Jamboree Recreation Pins
Press Pin
Quebec Contingent Pin
Quebec Subcamp PinAdded Listing Mar 20, 2016
Raccoon Pin
Thank you Pin
Printed Material
Cardboard Poster
EnvelopeAdded Listing Apr 12, 2016
Participant ManualAdded Listing Mar 20, 2016
Program Booklet
No Picture AvailableWake the Giant Poster
3rd Coaldale Scouts Necker
24th Kitchener Bag Tag
101st Glendale Woggle
Alexander’s Cache Leather
BannerUpdated Feb 21, 2019
No Picture AvailableBelly Boats Tattoo
Fraser Subcamp Flag
Indaba Vynal
Iron Ons - 19 Various
Jacket - New Brunswick
Jacket - SaskatchewanAdded Listing Mar 20, 2016
Leather Woggle
Metal Walking stick Plaque
Nanook Subcamp Tattoo
Scarf - Participant
Scarf - Staff
No Picture AvailableSubcamp MacKenzie Tattoo
Woggle - ClothAdded Picture Mar 13, 2016
No Picture AvailableWoggle - Leather
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