11th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'07
Mystery Badges
Mystery 1Is this a CJ'07 badge, found on eBay as part of a CJ'07 collection
Main Badges
Participant Crest
Staff Crest
Provincial Contingents
BC-Yukon OOS
Yukon - White Ghost
Yukon - Black Ghost
Yukon - Gold Ghost
Ontario - Ghost
Ontario - Shadow
Nova Scotia - Large Size
Nova Scotia - Small size
Nova Scotia - Ghost
Nova Scotia - Error (Small)
Nova Scotia - Error (Large)
New Brunswick
NWTNo NWT participants able to attend. This badge often not considered official as a result.
Contingents - Other Countries
Australia – Red
Australia – Green
BSA Boston Minuteman Council
BSA CJ’07 Max Fun (Maryland) BAC
BSA Connecticut Yankee Council
BSA Maine
BSA Minnesota
BSA Minnesota Troop 518
BSA New Jersey
BSA Ohio
BSA Pennslyvania
BSA Troop 21
BSA Troop 64
BSA Troop 144
BSA Vermont
China – Taiwan 1 piece
China – Taiwan 4 piece
No Picture AvailableGambia
Hong Kong - Blue
Hong Kong - Green
Hong Kong - Purple
Hong Kong - Red
Scouts of China
Scouts of China Welcome PartyGiven out in Toronto After Jamboree
Sutton Coldfield UK
USA 1 Piece
USA 13 piece
Blue Springs
Boulevard Lake
Byng Challenge
Byng Challenge Award
Byng Subcamp Staff
Cabot Beach
Connaught Ranges
Fort Amherst
Gilwell Park
Kananaskis Krew
Kananaskis Challenge Award
Kananaskis Set
100 Years of Scouting
100 Years of Scouting - French
All Jamboree Crest SetUpdated Oct 25, 2021
Badgers Club
Badgers Club Ribbon
Belleville Scout Guide Museum
BP Hill Badgeworks (5 Pieces)
Camp Crest
Camp Secondaire Lac Boulevard
CJ eh?
Environment Canada
Environment Canada Staff
Foret Argenteuil Forest
Honorable Old Goat
I met Nurse Nancy at CJ’07
Knot or Two
Lumberjack Challenge
Medvent – Durham Region EMS
Medvent – Ottawa Paramedic Service
Medvent – Peel Region
Medvent – Thames EMS
Medvent – Toronto EMS
Medvent – Volunteer
Medvent – York Region EMS
Muddy Mahem
Rosemere Memorial
Souvenir Badge Large
Souvenir Badge Small
Souvenir Toucs Badge
Sunrise Ceremony
Trading Post
40th Annual Burlington Area Comp. Camp
Essex Precamp - 2 Piece
Shining Waters Precamp
Victoria Pure Prejam ScoutingUpdated Oct 25, 2021
Council/Area Contingents
Basin Lakes
Battlefields Council
BC-Yukon top half (Cascadia Council)
BC-Yukon bottom half (Pacific coast & Fraser Valley councils)
Burlington Area
Burlington Area – Red
Burlington Area – Black
Central Escarpment
Chatham – Kent
Chinook Council – 6 piecesWas widely traded at the Jamboree, but was not an official Jamboree badge
Essex - 2 Piece
Frontier Area
Frontier Area – Brown
Greater Toronto Council
Hamilton Wentworth
Kawartha Waterways – Ontario
Laval – Laurentides
Laval – Laurentides - Ghost
Laval – Laurentides - Shadow
London Area
Maritime Train
Northern Lights Area
Northern Lights – I Met the Area Commissioner
Northern Ontario
North Shore Scouting
North Shore Scouting – Ghost
Oakville Area
Oakville Area – Ghost
Oakville Area - Shadow
Pacific Spirit Area
Parkland N.W. Saskatchewan
Shining Waters Council Ontario
Stratford – Ghost
Sunset Area – August 1
Sunset Area – August 10
Sunset Area – Northern Ontario
Tri-County NS – I suvived CJ’07
Tri-Shores Council
Unchaga Area
Voyageur Council
Voyageur Council – Red
White Pine Council
White Pine Council – Algonquinte
Yellow Briar Ontario OOS
Group Contingents
1st Bedford
1st Bradford
1st Bronte
1st Cochrane
1st Greely – Ghost
1st Gretna Green Miramichi – 2 Pieces
1st Kaniatario
1st Kemptville
1st Komoka Kilworth
1st Komoka Kilworth – Shadow
1st Laity View Maple Ridge
1st Laity View Maple Ridge – Blue
1st Lakefield Sea Scouting Sunrise Dragon Tour
1st Lakefield Sea Scouting Sunrise Dragon Tour Ghost
1st Mary Queen of Peace
1st Maxville
1st Omemee
1st Paris
1st Port Moody
1st Richmond
1st Richmond – Ghost
1st Richmond - Shadow
1st Rockland
1st Uxbridge - Large
1st Valleyview
1st Wetaskiwin
1st Wetaskiwin – Large
1st Wetaskiwin – Ghost
1st Wetaskiwin – Shadow
2nd Swift Current
3rd Grande Prairie
4th Prince Albert Black Eagles
4th Trafalgar
5th Meadowvale
6th Digby
6th Peach Arch
6th Peach Arch Ghost
6th Peach Arch Florescent WhiteBadge appears identical to Ghost but is Florescent
6th Peach Arch Shadow
6th Trinity Cobourg
7th Kanata
7th Kanata Orange
8th Central Surrey
11th Toronto
11th Toronto Shadow
14th Gloucester
14th Gloucester – Burgundy
14th Gloucester – Ghost
14th Gloucester – Shadow
20th London OOS – Green Boarder
20th London OOS – Blue Boarder
20th London OOS – Ghost
21st Burlington
21st & 31st Burlington Canoe
21st & 31st Burlington Canoe Staff
24th Kitchener
25th Nepean Barrhaven
31st Burlington
31st London – Black Border
31st London – Blue Border
31st London – Green Border
31st London – Red Border
31st St Cyprian’s Calgary
38th Kitchener
64th Lakers Saskatoon
75th Midnapore
101st & 219 Toronto Old Mill
101st & 219 Toronto Old Mill – Ghost
101st & 219 Toronto Old Mill – Shadow
144th Lake Bonavista
170th Sherwood Park
172nd Queensland Calgary – 2 Pieces
172nd Queensland Calgary – 1 Piece
186th Knottwood – Edmonton
193rd Edgemont – 3 Pieces
214th Hawkwood Calgary
215th Strathcona – Large
215th Strathcona – Small
East Burlington Troops
East Burlington – Ghost
East Burlington – Black
St. Paul’s Sussex, NB
CJ’07 Pin
Blue Springs Subcamp Pin
Blue Springs Subcamp Challenge Pin
Boulevard Lake Subcamp Pin
Brownsea Subcamp Pin
Byng Subcamp Pin
Cabot Beach Subcamp Pin
Connaught Ranges Subcamp Pin
Fort Amherst Subcamp Pin
Gilwell Park Subcamp Pin
Kananaskis Subcamp Pin
Badgers Club Pin
Blue Springs subcamp Challenge Pin
Connaught Ranges SC Pin
Friends Forever - Free Hugs CJ07 Button
K of M pin
London Area Pin
Maritime Train Pin
Owasco Pin
Quebec Pin
Thank You Pin
Toucs Pin
Voyageur Council Pin
Printed Material
Belleville Museum - Mosquito Ticket
Blue Springs BP Cards
B-P Hill Area Card - Front
B-P Hill Area Card - Back
Canada Post Stamp Booklet
Check Out CJ'07 Post Card
China Contingent BookUpdated Jun 5, 2023
Environment Canada Postcard
First Day Cover - Baden Powell
CJ'07 First Day Cover - Camp Logo - Copy
First Day Cover - Centenary of Scouting
First Day Cover - Quebec Contingent
First Day Cover - Sunrise Ceremony
First Day Cover - Tucs
Post Card Set - Card 1 (front)
Post Card Set - Card 1 (back)
Post Card Set - Card 2 (front)
Post Card Set - Card 2 (back)
Post Card Set - Card 3 (front)
Post Card Set - Card 3 (back)
Post Card Set - Card 4 (front)
Post Card Set - Card 4 (back)
Post Card Set - Card 5 (front)
Post Card Set - Card 5 (back)
Gopher YLT - Business Card
Kananaskis SC Program Manual
Official Parking pass
Baseball hatUpdated Jun 5, 2023
Polo ShirtUpdated Jun 5, 2023
Quebec Contingent HoodieUpdated Oct, 2022
Scouts Canada ShirtUpdated Oct 25, 2021
Blue Springs Subcamp Magnet
Boulevard Lake Subcamp Magnet
Brownsea Subcamp Magnet
Byng Subcamp Magnet
Cabot Beach Subcamp Magnet
Connaught Ranges Subcamp Magnet
Fort Amherst Subcamp Magnet
Gilwell Park Subcamp Magnet
Kananaskis Subcamp Magnet
Blue Springs Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Boulevard Lake Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Brownsea Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Byng Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Cabot Beach Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Connaught Ranges Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Fort Amhurst Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Gilwell Park Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
Kananaskis Subcamp Walking Stick Plaque
1st Grande Prairie – Dog tags
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop - Circle Felt
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Orange Large
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Orange Small
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Yellow Large
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop Pennant - Yellow Small
3rd Boundry Bay Dragon Troop - Square Felt
5th Meadowvale Pennants
5th Meadowvale Sticker
5th Whitby Luggage Tag
100 Year Aniversary Coin - Side 1
100 Year Aniversary Coin - Side 2
100th Anniversary Walking stick plate
227th Douglasdale Calgary – Woggle
Baggage Tag
Balsa Wood Airplane
Be Prepared Sticker
Boulevard Lake SC – I was at CJ’07 Idol Night Token - Side 1
Boulevard Lake SC – I was at CJ’07 Idol Night Token - Side 2
Bracelet – OOS (Self feeding – Red)
Bracelet – OOS (Yellow)
Bracelet – Participant (Blue)
Brownsea Subcamp Flag Ribbon
Cabot Beach SC orange bracelet
Cane Emblem – Gray Background
Cane Emblem – Yellow Background
Dog Tag – Red
Dog Tag – Blue
Flag Mount Banner
Geocaching Sticker
Key Chain
Key Chain - Toucs Mascot
Necklace with Light
Ontario Contingent Sticker
OOS Venturer Slide
OOS Yellow Briar Slide
Participant Necker (Blue)
Participant Woggle (Yellow)
Scarf - Religious ServicesUpdated Aug 7, 2021
Staff Necker (Yellow)
Staff Woggle (Blue)
Stay Dry Container
VideoUpdated Jun 5, 2023
West Ferris - Plastic Compass
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