12th Canadian Jamboree - CJ'13
Main Badges
Provincial Contingents
BC-Yukon - Light
BC-Yukon - Dark
Yukon – White Ghost
Yukon – OOS
Yukon – Gold OOS
Yukon – Jacket Patch
Alberta CHI- RedChinook
Alberta NLC - BlueNorthern Lights Council
Alberta NWT - BluePossible error badge, Updated Jun 13, 2022
Alberta NWT - White
Alberta OSS - Green
Ontario Participant - Oval
Ontario Participant - OOS
Ontario Participant - Rectangle
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia - Ghost
New Brunswick
New Brunswick - Ghost
NWT – Ghost
Contingents - Other Countries
No Picture AvailableAustralia
Australia - Back Patch
BSA Troop 64 Carversville, PA
Hong Kong
Scouts of China - 4 Piece
Scouts of China - Air Plane
Albertosaurus - Subcamp
Albertosaurus - Subcamp Staff
Albertosaurus - Subcamp Challenge
Centrosaurus - Subcamp
Lantasaurus - Subcamp
Quelsaurus - Subcamp
Raptor - Subcamp
Raptor - Subcamp Challenge
T-Rex - Subcamp
Tribattlesaurus - Subcamp
Tribattlesaurus - Subcamp Staff
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC - Black
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC - Ghost
Tribattlesaurus Subcamp - SMC-PC - Red
Tribattlesaurus Square
Tribattlesaurus Square - Black
Tribattlesaurus Square - Ghost
Tribattlesaurus Square - Red
Tribattlesaurus - Ghost
Tribattlesaurus - Gold
Triceratops - Subcamp
Whoville - Subcamp
Subcamp Team
Subcamp Care Corps
Badge Lady - Large
Badge Lady - Small
Badger Gord
Belleville Museum – Green Border
Belleville Museum – Blue Border
Belleville Museum – Green Border Jacket Patch
Camp Crest
Camp Crest - Ghost
Camp Woods - Shield
Camp Woods - Skeleton
Camp Woods - Skeleton Glow in the Dark
Camp Woods - Skeleton Black
Canadian Badgers Club
CJ Rocks
Collector Badge 1
Collector Badge 2
Cub Scout Day - Light Green
Cub Scout Day - Dark Green
Discover Your Path
Emergency Services Team
Hunger GamesCreated by 1st Port Nelson and 20th Burlington Venturers
International Centre
Jake Forsyth
Mascot Badge
Mascot Camp Woods
Mascot Contest Winner
Mascot Flag Badge
MediaUpdated Aug 7, 2021
Post Office
Santa Bob
Scouting Life
Site Service
Social Media
STEM Program
Storm the Wall
Sylvan Lake Butts Archery
Trading Post
Transportation Before Time
War of 1812
World Jamboree 2015 Promotional
Central Ontario Camp Goodyear Pre-Camp
Nicomekl Pre-Jamboree Challenge Camp
Voyageur Council - GhostBadge used as Voyageur Council Precamp Badge
Council/Area Contingents
Airdrie Queensland Balzac Banff
Baie Saint Marie
BC Contingent - Magic School Bus
Brantford Area
Buffalo Plains - 1 Piece
Buffalo Plains - 4 Piece
Burlington Area - Future Color
Burlington Area – Past Color
Burlington Area – Future Black
Burlington Area – Past Black
Burlington - Uncut Color
No Picture AvailableBurlington - Uncut Black
Central Escarpment Council
Chinook Council - Touring
Chinook Council - Touring Ghost
Coho Area - 5 Piece
Coho Area - 5 Piece Ghost
No Picture AvailableCoho Area - 5 Piece Black
Essex Area
Essex Area OSS
Greater Toronto Council
Grizzly Range Contingent
Hamilton - White Ghost
Kawartha Waterways Area
Kirkland - NorthWest - St Lazare
London Area
London Area OOS
Merritt Trail Area
Northern Lights Area
North Shore Scouting
North Shore Scouting - Ghost
North Shore Scouting - Red
Oakville – Blue
Pacific Coast Council
Pacific Spirit Area
Shining Waters
Simcoe Phoenix
Simcoe Phoenix - Brown
Simcoe Phoenix - Purple
Stratford Contingent
Stratford Contingent – Green
Team Ontario
Tri-Shores-A-Tops Contingent
Tri-Shores Committee
Tri-Shores Committee - Ghost
Tri-Shores Committee - Black
Tri-Shores Committee - Red
Tri-Shores OOS
Tri-Shores Transport Team
Vancouver Island Contingent
Vancouver Island Contingent - Green
Vancouver Island Contingent - Yellow
Voyageur Council
Whitby Area
White Pine - Northern Ontario Councils
Group Contingents
1st Airdrie
1st Airdrie - 2 Piece
1st Armstrong Scouts
1st Armstrong Scouts - Ghost
1st Baltimore
1st Beaver Valley
1st Bedford
1st Blueberry
1st Bow Valley Scouting
1st Bradford
1st Canmore - Ghost
1st Comox - Large
1st Comox - Small
1st Coquitlam
1st Couteau
1st Creston
1st Crestview - Green
1st Dundas
1st Etobicoke Central
1st Etobicoke Central - Ghost
1st Exeter
1st Fenwick NS
1st Fox Creek
1st Greely - 2nd Russell - 101st Ottawa- Ghost
1st Greenwood Hyenas
1st Hanley Scouts – Jurassic Park
1st Hanley Scouts – Shield
1st Kinosoo
1st Komoka-Kilworth Scouts
1st Komoka-Kilworth Scouts - Ghost
1st Lacome
1st Laity View
1st Laity View - Purple
1st Lawrencetown
1st Marry Queen of Peace
1st Massey Drive
1st Massey Drive - Red
1st Oilfields Turner Valley
1st Okotoks
1st Paris
1st Port Moody
1st Port Moody - Yellow
1st Portugal Cove
1st Richmond Hill - Tan
1st Richmond Hill - 4th Whitby - Red
1st Richmond Hill - 4th Whitby - Shadow
1st Riverlake
1st Riverlake - Ghost
1st Salmon Arm
1st Shad Bay - 2nd Hatchet Lake
1st Southdale Winnipeg
1st Southdale Winnipeg - Blue
1st South Vancouver
1st Transley Troop Burlington, ON
1st Transley Troop Ghost White
1st Transley Troop Ghost Red/White
1st Uxbridge
1st Wetaskiwin
1st Whitby
2nd Berwick - Green
2nd Berwick - Red
2nd Eastern Passage
2nd Grande Prairie
2nd and 7th Markham Patrol 666 OOS
2nd London
2nd Markham
2nd Sackville – 6th Coleharbour
2nd Terrace
2nd Wasage
3rd and 15th Capilano
3rd Edmonton
3rd Fredericton – 2nd Nashwaaksis
3rd Orleans
3rd Prince George West
3rd Prince George West - Blue Shadow
3rd Widdifield Scouts
4th Midland
4th Triwood - 186 Ranchlands - 193 Edgemont
4th Winnipeg
4th Winnipeg - Ghost
5th Coquitlam
6th Central Surrey Scouts
6th Chilliwack Scouts
6th Edmonton - 1st Strathcona
6th Peace Arch
6th Peace Arch - Red
6th Peace Arch - Shadow
8th Brampton
11th Toronto - 1 Piece
11th Toronto - 3 Piece
12th and 5th Coquitlam
12th Richmond
13th Prince George
13th Vancouver Ryerson
13th Windsor
14th Gloucester
14th McKillop
18th, 21st, 24th, 25th Red Deer
20th London - Black
20th London - Gold
20th London - Green
20th London - Red
24th Kitchener
27th Guelph
30th Seymour
31st Burlington
31st London
31st St Cyprians Tiger Troop Badge
31st St Cyprians Tiger Troop Paw
33rd Richmond
38th Simons Creek
59th Edmonton - 1 Piece
59th Edmonton Greenfield - 7 Piece
64th Lakers
64th Edmonton Pathfinders
64th Edmonton Pathfinders - 3 Piece
67th Winnipeg
67th Winnipeg - Ghost
69th Toronto Scout Group
77th Riverbend
81st London
85th Lakeview
89th Windsor
101st Glendale Calgary
101nd Toronto - Black
101nd Toronto - Ghost
101nd Toronto - Green
101nd Toronto - Red
101nd Toronto - Shadow
101nd Toronto - Yellow
116th Lynnwood
144th Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts
159th Silver Springs and Scenic Acres
174th Lago Lindo
174th Lago Lindo - Ghost
174th Lago Lindo - Shadow
174th Lago Lindo - Blue
174th Lago Lindo - Bronze
174th Lago Lindo - Gold
174th Lago Lindo - Green
174th Lago Lindo - Red
175th Southwood
175th Whitehorns
178 Thunder Bay
186th Knottwood
207th St Patricks – Calgary
214th Hawkwood
227th Douglasdale Scouts
East Burlington Groups
East Burlington Groups - Ghost
East Burlington Groups - Shadow
East Burlington Groups - Green
KWA Timberwolves Patrol No 138
McKenzie 210
CJ Camp Pin
CJ Camp Pin 2
17th Guelph Welcome Button
31st London Pin
Albert Pin
Alberta Pin
London Area Pin - Bronze
London Area Pin - Silver
Thank You Pin
Printed Material
Canadian Badgers Club - Business Card
EnvelopesUpdated Apr 21, 2021
Flickr Business Card
Participant Manual
Post Card Advert
Post Cards - FrontUpdated Apr 21, 2021
Post Cards - BackUpdated Apr 21, 2021
Sticker - Triceratops Subcamp - PurpleUpdated Apr 21, 2021
Sticker - Triceratops Subcamp - WhiteUpdated Apr 21, 2021
Dinosaur HatUpdated Oct 25, 2021
Dinosaur Hoodie
Baseball Cap Version 1
Baseball Cap Version 2
Manatoba Jacket
T-shirt - RedUpdated Apr 21, 2021
1st Homelands Luggage Tag
1st Lacombe Band(front)
1st Lacombe Band(back)
24th Kitchener Luggage Tag
24th Kitchener Troop Banner
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle - Black
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle - Blue
56th Pacific Heights Saskatoon Woggle - Ghost
Albert ToyUpdated Apr 21, 2021
Band - Guest
Band - OOS - Early Feeding
Band - OOS - Late Feeding
Band - Participant
Cane Emblem
Cane Emblem - Albert
Cub Day Neckers - White
Cub Day Neckers - Black
Cub Day Neckers - Yellow
Cub Day Neckers - Gold
Cub Day Neckers - Purple
Cub Day Neckers - Green
Cub Day Woggle
Emergency Services Lanyard
Geocaching Medallion
I Met Albert - Sticker
Luggage Tag
Name Tag
Paddle - Sustainable Forestry InitiativeAdded Aug 16,2020
Scarf – OOS
Scarf – Participant
Scarf - Canadian Badgers ClubAdded Apr 21, 2021
Scarf - Whoville
Sticker - PromotionalAdded Oct, 2022
Trading Post Pennant
White Pines Sticker
No Picture AvailableWoggle – Green
Woggle - Plastic
Woggle – OOS
Woggle - Participant
Zone West Woggle - Red
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